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At E&CM we support our clients, in utilising embedded generation. This is a valuable asset normally used as security of supply. Subject to its configuration it can be utilised to generate electricity which is passed to the grid and in return an income is generated. There are many renewable and LZC generation technologies available. We evaluate our client's requirement and scope solutions such as solar PV, CHP, CCHP, biofuel or biomass, and anaerobic digestion systems, to meet their requirements. We provide Power Purchase Agreements and Feed-in Tariff type products ranging from simple fixed priced arrangements to highly flexible contracts designed to maximise opportunities in generation and efficiency.


Greater yield out of existing asset

The asset can be utilised and controlled indirectly without any interference to the business

Through more regular use it ensures the asset is fully maintained if required for strategic generation

Opportunity to exceed revenues of up to £100,000 per year on a single, medium-sized industrial site


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