Procurement Management Solutions

At E&CM we have designed a system to create bespoke procurement strategies for each of our clients which meets their specific energy requirements and individual appetites to risk, we support them with multiple procurement options and ensure speed of purchase. In general terms our procurement strategies are categorised into Fixed Purchasing or Flexible Purchasing in either Funds or Bespoke solutions.


Data Management & Invoice Solutions

The high complexity of energy billing procedures means that most organisations find it difficult and time consuming to check whether their energy bills are correct. At E&CM we provide the solutions to all aspects of our client's data and invoice energy management requirements. We provide forensic analysis of all historic energy invoices, ensuring that they have been billed and charged correctly. We have proven success in identifying a significant number of refunds.


Water Management Solutions

At E&CM we provide a comprehensive water management solutions service focused on water invoice analysis, water surveying, sustainable engineering and process control. We help our clients, challenge water charges through retrospective analysis, reduce water usage, increase water sustainability and switch suppliers, where competitive advantages can be gained.


Carbon Management
& Compliance Solutions

Our carbon management and reporting software platform enables us to gain a complete overview of our client's carbon emissions and carbon footprint. Once we have produced the carbon footprint report we support the build and implementation of emission and energy efficiency projects with the capability to provide reports on each initiative.


Energy Efficiency
& Generation Solutions

At E&CM we provide our clients with a complete energy efficiency and generation solutions programme. Energy efficiency aims to reduce the amount of energy and associated carbon, consumed by building operational occupancy, operational management and industry processes. In most cases the financial gain in energy savings, offsets any additional costs of implementing energy efficient technology.


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