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As you are aware, competition has been introduced to the water market in England from April 2017 by way of deregulation, it has been possible to switch supplier from this point. Experience from Scotland, where deregulation occurred in 2008, is that savings of 12-20% have been achieved by changing suppliers, although such savings will not be possible in England and Wales as initial savings will be significantly lower, owing to very tight margins between the wholesale costs and retail margin. One of the main benefits from the water market deregulating is the ability to have just one supplier providing water and sewerage services to your group of properties, if you so choose.

If you are looking for advice on how to prepare your strategy for the water industry deregulation get in touch today and find out more on 01293 651218.



Ensure smooth transition of transfer of supply

Freedom of supplier choice based on your business requirements

Independent and impartial advice

Improved invoicing and commercial arrangements with the new water provider


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